Saturday, November 14, 2009

From misty to clarity

Today I got to go to park slope again..this time to hunt for something special at a flea market and an antique shop. But to my dismay, most markets were closed due to the misty rain.
I've always liked rain, misty ones, where you can walk side by side with someone you love and appreciate the romantic setting.

As I get deeper in a relationship with someone I realized that its about appreciating the person, and not forgetting why you love him in the first place. Today, and yesterday I took a look at him, and really appreciated for who this person is, and how he is supportive to me in many ways. And experiencing and feeling some emotional connection and support, I feel that I love him more.

It's 9 months to go to settling down with someone you find to appreciate and want to settle and share your life for the better with. :)
With what feels like short time period in planning a wedding I guess shouldn't get so swept up with the wedding decor and details. it's the purpose of wedding and person that is really important.


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