Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi Go
Today was a nice warm day, woke up pretty late and just rested at home. I didn't go to church today, ..:( sorry...but Esther with her fiance visited to see Liz's wedding pics, as Esther is figuring out which photographer to choose.

Afterwards, mom and I hit the store Bed bath and beyond, and then starbucks for nice treat of coffee frap. Hmmmm....

BTW, they really enjoyed the steelers ramdrops!! :)

I thought about your return back to NY, and hope we can visit hudson valley. :) Searched tripadvisor for bed and breakfast inn around hudson valley. A nice time to see is the last 2 weeks of october..Do you think you;ll be free?

I also heard about Oktoberfest at bear mountain. It's beer drinking...what do you think?


Blogger PopponGo said...

I always welcome to drink beer!!

11:10 PM  

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