Thursday, September 20, 2012


I can't ever remember if I've daydreamed of becoming pregnant one day. I guess i have.. but the pregnancy itself was nothing like i have ever imagined. In 2 1/2 months from now, "maggie" will be born. And I cannot  fathom of what it will be like. I'll be welcoming her to our world with my hubbie, and will be a family!!! My hubbie and I talk a lot about how to raise a daughter. I think alot about it when working and talking to my kids. Words, tone and being positive are so important. Sometimes, I lose my temper when working with them, so constant patience is a must to be practiced.

Maggie- is that a good name? I've learned to love it in the past 6 months since we found out "mango" was a girl. Its hard finding a M name that is also Japanese. 
I wonder who she will look like. I hope she is cute...But sometimes I tell myself when remembering her sonogram, she is perfect. :)

i think I'm going to set a goal- coming home, make dinner for maggie and go, and start building some nursery prints for maggie. Something to look forward too. I've been buying clothes for her too, but that can be too costly for now.

should get going..until then..


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