Monday, September 25, 2006


Friday, September 08, 2006

I feel sad

I left my job yesterday and revisited today to pick up some paperwork from HR. I was kinda sad because I had to leave so abruptly, and ended my days with haste and no formality. My departure was taken coldly by the HR manager and my supervisor becase I counldn't give into the 4 week notice and also it was after a 3 week vacation. As I sigh of relief I can't help but feel a bit empty and sad. I didn't anticipate this kind of departure, coldness , especially by my supervisor. I had to think she really hated me. A bunch of ppl PT, and speech felt happy that i was moving on, which was kind a relief and comfort to know some affinity out there. I guess i just wanted to end it well, but my supervisor was not having it. ,and wanted it her way of cold smiles and smirks. J. really wanted me out and I had to admit if false rumors are spread on my leaving.
Well good bye and thank God I won't have to take more bullshit from her. I don't think I could take her idea stealing behaviors, selfishness and taking advantage. I don't think I can get the full closure and explanation of her nasty, non-supervisory behavior- but I just hope her illegal paperwork- her selfishnees will bite her back.