Monday, March 22, 2010

so sad

Just so sad today. I feel torn to pieces.. and wish I have a safe place to turn. In need of resolution and rest.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My abs are trimming down but then goes back up after I eat. goes to my belly, where it stores forever....
So I started detoxing..taking a pill and it set my energy and mood level into a spiral. Then, I really got a chance to dig and read up on what detox is.
So by the end of the month, I am going to try this detox method..(want to try with me Go?) eating food liquids, and smoothies by the end of 7 days.

Overall, i felt better today after a craft project. A good stress reliever. It feels good to create something pretty from what you envision. :) I had a chance to create a sample of the out of towners guide book. It takes effort to make it sophisticated, but i like the content. It would contain a list of nearby dry cleaners, grocery store, pharmacy, a week schedule and appointed dinners, etc.

I didn't realize, Go and I may not relax and enjoy Oahu until after the wedding. Since Go will be out with the guys in sports fishing, I was thinking I'll hit the flea and farnmers market, and some tourist spots. Kinda looking forward to that. Perhaps, we can then join my mom in the kitchen to make a meal and use ingredients from the farmers market.

What girl does not like a great deal. I thought i found a great deal on a nice basketweave favor boxes, but it still cost $3. So i may just buy paper boxes, buy wholesale cookies and stuff them in.
Weddings do cost money, but I feel like we should all enjoy them at a decent price.

okay, enough with the wedding thought. I thought on taking away this whole mind off on the planning, but about the day and marriage. Wow, I'm going to be married. Sounds like a big word, but when i think on the basics, I know I am going to spend a lifetime with someone who is special. So this word marriage does not sound so scary after all.
I am learning a few things about him during this planning process, and how this is a view of how he settles on matters that occur in a marriage. I am sure he is learning about me too.
I'm thinking of getting a book on marriage, so it gives us some insight of ppl's view of what marriage is like.

anyways. I printed the detox, and hopefully, my body, mind and skin will be all better. I'll let you know how it goes.