Thursday, September 29, 2005


Experienced disturbing images at work and postwork. My coworkers were yelling at each other while the PT, head supervisor and I watched and listened in shock. I felt bad considering the psychologist and other clinicians passed, stopped and listened in utter awe to hear grown women argue. Not only does it hurt the reputation of our department, but the children as well. Really they are the most innocent ones and shouldn't receive limited quality of service because of personal issues/ ill assumptions. Out team discussed about clear communication (nonverbal and verbal), flexibility and owing respect/acknowlegement.
After the numbing experience, the rest of the day was slow. I only treated 3 patients with some back and forth education to teachers about their students. My head was in a fog. Clearly, this was everyone's concern. I do have some silent and uncomfortable moments with a contract PT that I would like to settle things with. Work gets so draining and a bother when you avoid someone, and can't collaborate as a team for one child's treatment plan. Perhaps, I'll approach him. ..share some concerns/solution with him. Other shock was to hear that an EI student of mine will not be returning back, instead will transition to another specialized preschool. I felt discouraged b/c I'm thinking the parents weren't happy with my performances. I felt kinda proud that a few of her goals have been achieved within 2 months although the parents don't think so (my assumptions). I then realized that I lacked active communication with them regarding the child's progress in class, and educate them on home activities to carry over. Families (as righteously assumed) do want to get involved.
Another disturbing images. Going to and from work, I usually see this sister and brother (estimated 10 and 8 year old) being real boisterous and obnoxious in the bus. While going home I ran into them in the bus again.. this time wrestling in their seats and suddenly making incestuous acts on each other. It was sooo very distrubing and disturbing that I had to pretend that this never happened. Sometimes I wonder about the influence from the media, and what goes on at home.
Another lesson i learned...Parents do get every protective about their child's performances in school. I watched a child's father asking about the percentages of his child's delay. Number was a big factor to him. I realized I need to be totally nonjudgemental, watch my words and not put words in their mouth. I also had to run away from the kid because the child kept charging after and hitting me.
One shock after the other this week. Tomorrow is Friday. TGIF!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

things I've learned

When I opened Elle magazine for fashion inspiration I was pleasantly surprised to see advice on everyday life rather than on clothes or beauty tips of the month. Some advice..I have heard of and others reminded me of the failures and lessons I've learned in my past. So here they are:

1) Enjoy your skinny years.
I've always been self conscious about my arms and legs. In fact I've avoided wearing shorts, skirts and sleeveless shirts until the age of 26. I was interning for my mental health clinicals, experiencing at first hand what my patients go through everyday: depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, age related illness, etc. Then I realized I'm getting older and fatter...I must enjoy my life, and accept the negtives and the positves. You only have one life. As I was teaching my patients to function with their illness, I learned to accept and embrace my life and body. For the first time in 26 years, I wore a beautiful skirt to my clinical site and felt good about it.
2) Quit comparing yourself!
I constantly do it....even to this day, but there was one breaking point where I realized this life is about you, and only you. Everyone has their own journey, and different path. Don't compare yourself to the next person, because you have your own road to go to. Everybody has the same destination, but different pathways: some long and some quite short. But in the end, we all get there.
3) Be open to learning new lessons even if they contradict the lessons you learned yesterday- ellen degeneres
4) Trust your instincts and don;t be afraid to ask the experts for advice- chrstine todd whitman
5) In world affairs, appeasers are very likely to get stabbed by their own umbrellas.
6) You need to stand in what you believe and what you stand for.
7) if it doesn't kill you , it will make you stronger.
8) and everyone's favorite- things happen for a reason. Yes, when the storm passes, you'll come to realize that it happened for a reason- for a higher purpose. order that you become God minded. Sometimes, it is not what you do in life, but how you live it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

company profiles

Can anyone direct me in finding company's profiles, particulary non profit organizations. I want to find out the good, the bad and the ugly.

Friday, September 02, 2005

50 coolest Websites

Time magazine evaluated and determined 50 coolest website of 2005.
They even have the 50 "coolest" blogs. Post secret was one of them. Here are few of the others that caught my interest: Not all lawyers, but most are like weasels who try to get more money out of you. someday we can make an air conditioner with ice and never know. I love food for those who visit Fodors, and lonely planet, here is another insider's guide to traveling abroad.