Sunday, December 18, 2005

just get in. it's so amazing here

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've been spending a lot on clothes, movies, jewerly, dining, broadway tickets, etc. After looking at my bank account, I realized I need to save, invest etc, in order to grow rather than deplete it. So I googled "ways to save money" and found these. Some I have already used, but others, I may actually consider it. Okay, maybe not number 4.

1) borrow from library- book, DVD, CD, etc.
2) be a homebody. entertainment (dining out, shows, etc) cost alot. Average person spends about $2000 for entertainment annually. you can cut half with preplanned events or staying home.
3) hold garage sales if you have unused items for 6 months.

1) unplug you clock while sleeping
2) go to the lost and found section of the library and tell someone you lost a black umbrella. Pick the nicest one.
3) instead of using toilet paper, use yesterday's paper
4) grab a handful of ketchup, mustard, etc the next time you head out to a fast food chain, and transfer the content into a partially full ketchup bottle.
5) Marry a man who can fix things.
6) Train your cats to use the toilet.
7) Tell everyone you'll be out of town this Christmas and will not return till after new years. Then buy most of the gift post christmas holiday. - I know one person who does this all the time. She even bought me an earring that was for children and passed it off as being a great expensive gift.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Travel around the world

Planning to travel around the world sooner or later. Hey I'm young and have not settled or tied down. Might as well take the advantage at hand. So instead of dreaming away and surfing the internet for the lastest city event, THE dress, or clothes shopping, I decided to make plans for a get away. Hmm so where to go and when?
Well here are some destinations to launch my dream into action:

Saturday, December 03, 2005

random entry

It seems forever that I've written anything. To tell you the truth, I've been hoarding alot of emotions inside..about work, coworkers, family etc.
I'm beginning to know the roles coworkers play. I have the gossiper slash brown noser, who also happens to be my supervisee. I realized that I need to be strong with her and document everything wrong she says. It seems that she has a the hard time taking orders. She gets defensive ...indicating the lack of respect. Respect is a hard value to earn from especially when you want to work as a team. I think I've been very lenient with her. I need to keep my eye on her and be on top of her.
I'm also figuring out that you really can't be buddy/buddy with your co workers. There is a element of friendliness and teamwork in a professional environment. I think our team is tilting the balance beam toward "you're my buddy" or "you're my enemy". Looking back on a group dynamic course, we've been through the norming, forming, perhaps we are now in the storming phase.
So anyways. Yesterday morning as I entered the bus for work, I caught my eye on a guy who I've seen on my bus commute. He was staring at me I'm thinking either my hair is not right today, my face looks familar or he is single. Then I saw the ring on his left finger. He's married! My gosh, is everyone getting married already? A flash of thought came into my head. The pool of available men will get smaller as I get older. Yeah, reality hits you hard when you're in denial.
Today, I'm going to my new dentist. I hope to God that he know how to perform an abutment crown. I do not want another dentist who complains how you need to attend seminars for an update. Yeah, that is what you are suppose to do legally. I'm crossing my fingers.
Afterwards, I want to see Pride and Prejudice. Since it is the last minute, I may have to see it alone. Wow, my first experience going to the movies alone. Kinda sad, but it has to be done i suppose. Got to get over my fear of eating and watching movie alone.