Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Its funny how you can google a name and find info (simple to detailed) on just about anybody.
Just for fun...My friend googled the word "failure", then pressed "feeling lucky" and got George W. Bush. I typed in my name and found that it's a literary jargon.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

the surprising picture

When an old "set up" sent me a picture of himself and his new wife I felt both happy and sad. I had to remind myself not to look at the past and think of the what ifs. It happened and I believe I made the right decision. I had to return his email with a congrats. Sincerely, I felt joy but disappointment. My sighs reflected my need to be happy too. Somewhere and somehow, that someone will appear in my view, and hopefully I'll be ready. Well anyway, I finally got a look at the guy. And to my surprise, he looks somewhat different than what I expected. Its strange how you form a physical image of that person after a few conversations. What I saw in the picture was a traditional grounded man in an impeccable and impressive uniform. My thoughts:
I did the right thing but next time, don't be so quick to turn away and don't be afraid of changes and taking risks.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dance the night away

On friday night, I went to duvet a nightclub with my friend, her date and his friends (who btw are very kind and friendly). Overall I had an okay time. Clubs aren't usually my enjoyment. I only know one move that is used over and over again which leaves you very bored at the end. Dance is a freedom of expression and should be versatile with every change of beat and tone of the music. The attendents of duvet were a collection of good to real bad dancers. A few of the real bad dancers didn't care how they danced. They looked like they were having a great time. (good for them).
Anyways, I watched a couple in front of me dance...dance with no eye contact, aimlessly dancing with a body language that read I don't want to be here. I guess you need to have a connection with your dance partner too.
Using the bathroom was an experience. I was confused of where the bathroom was. The sign read M/W. My friend had to point out that it was unisex! I lined up to get into the bathroom stall. I had to take the one of where the "bathroom security" gracefully pointed. When I stepped into the stall I noticed the door was see through!!! Whoever has the control of the light switch, please do not accidently turn on when I'm in the stall!
Overall, Duvet was okay. The place looked nice, although I would have liked the curtains to be cotton not nylon. I felt old thougth because of the teeny boppers around. I will soon be checking off the 30-35 age list, as I am approaching off the twenty something age.